Thursday, November 04, 2004

Please Help! I CANT Stop Reading Democratic Undergroud!!

These people are just amazing to me and I absolutely canNOT stop reading their delusional diatribes. Are there honestly people like this?

"searching my spirit for "how I was feeling". I told others here awhile ago, HOW WILL I LOOK MY TEEN IN THE EYES? How will he ever believe in anything positive again.
We spent this entire year in full steam ahead working for Democracy and a brighter future. He got all enthused about it too. I was so proud of him. It looked like this election was the ticket to cause him to perk up and want to get involved more fully with life and educationl
FUCK YOU REPUBS AND WEAK KNEED DEMS for doing this to my family.
My teen said that if Bush won, he would go to jail instead of being drafted. Either way, his life is screwed behind that catch 22."

"There are organizations that can independently fight to find out about voter fraud. How much money does MoveOn still have? Could some lawyers get together and pool their pro-bono hours to fight this thing -- then KERRY isn't seen as the one fighting it, but more votes could still be found. Kerry conceding can be seen as the patriotic thing to do ... but others can keep fighting on in his name. He'll look good, and the fight will still go on!
If fraud is found (kicking out lots of fraudulent ballots or E-ballots) or if enough votes are found to trigger recounts in certain states, who knows?"

A majority of voters (and not all of them gay-hating, bible-thumping bigots) thought Bush was the better alternative. And the rest of the world is embracing that decision. The global markets soared as soon as the news hit. Terrorists in Fallujah have begun crapping themselves in anticipation of the city's liberation. Jobless claims are down.

In other words -

Get over it.

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