Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What We're Going To Hear From The Right.......

1. John Kerry doesnt have the resolve to make the tough choices in the GWOT.
Had John Kerry simply omitted those infamous two words (Global test) ffrom his response on Thursday, he largely could have insulated himself from the first charges. But, as off-message as he was, Bush jumped on it. And thats what has become the sound bite of the campaign. Kerry's problem was then compounded by Edwards' nebulous explanation last night.

2. John Kerry promised to reform our intelligence apparatus, yet when he had the opportunity in the past (as a member of the Senate Intel Comm with oversight) he missed 3/4 of the public meetings (and even more of the private meetings) and voted to slash the intel budget AFTER the first WTC attacks.
This may very well start today at Bush's amended speech today. Kerry's Senate record has been all but avoided by the Dems this year and there's a reason for that. Bush and the RNC are going to be talking about it at every single event until 11/2.

3. John Kerry missed votes on the Amber Alert, Lacies Law, middle class tax relief, etc.
While they wont necessarily start channeling Ann Richards' "Where Was George" chants of '88, you can certainly expect the Republicans to make "Where Were The Johns" a central theme from here on out. Cheney hit Edwards hard last night for missing nearly every Judiciary Comm meeting. Bush will certainly hit Kerry for his absence from the Intel Comm.

4. John Kerry wanted to raise gas taxes by 50 cents a gallon.
Gas prices might have very well been an albatross around Bush's neck. They are a very real and visible indication about how the economy is doing and they have a very real effect on the average Americans well-being. But Kerry cant take advantage of it due to his Al Gore-like support of oppresive gas tax rates.

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