Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Speaking of the National Review.......

As much as I really enjoy The Corner, I dont know if I can continue patronizing their little slice of the web. How do they expect me to maintain any sense of respect when their overwhelming fave beers are Bud, Corona and Guinness? Come on, folks. Thats like saying your favorite restaurants are McDonalds, Taco Johns and Applebees.
Though I applaud the picks of Cliff May (Fat Tire, a New Belgium classic) and Mac Owens (the always reliable Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale), the rest of the picks are just plain inexcusable.

Some recommendations? How about an All-Swing State list?
Iowa - Simpatico Lager
Ohio - Gotta go with Burning River Pale Ale from the fantastic Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Colorado - Wynkoops Captain Hickenlooper's Flying Artillery Ale
Florida - Anything from the Ybor City Brewing Company


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