Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Speaking of the National Review.......

As much as I really enjoy The Corner, I dont know if I can continue patronizing their little slice of the web. How do they expect me to maintain any sense of respect when their overwhelming fave beers are Bud, Corona and Guinness? Come on, folks. Thats like saying your favorite restaurants are McDonalds, Taco Johns and Applebees.
Though I applaud the picks of Cliff May (Fat Tire, a New Belgium classic) and Mac Owens (the always reliable Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale), the rest of the picks are just plain inexcusable.

Some recommendations? How about an All-Swing State list?
Iowa - Simpatico Lager
Ohio - Gotta go with Burning River Pale Ale from the fantastic Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Colorado - Wynkoops Captain Hickenlooper's Flying Artillery Ale
Florida - Anything from the Ybor City Brewing Company


Kerry Takes His Eye Off The Ball

OK, now this KerrySpot pic really ticks me off! As a guy who used to play a little ball himself, Kerry's attempt here is just pathetic.
Nevermind the closed eyes not even looking in the general direction of the ball, just look at his hand position! His pinkies arent touching like they should be, his fingers arent parallel and his arms arent fully extended.
If I tried to haul in a pass like that, my coach would STILL have me running laps!

And this guy wants to be president???

Monday, October 25, 2004

October Surprise - Little Rock Style

Does anyone here actually believe that Hillary wants John Kerry to win 8 days from now? No way. Uh-uh.
So, although the polls have Bush up +3, you just know that Hillary's sweatin' it up a bit. A Kerry win pushes her window back to 2012.
What lengths would HRC go toward clearing up the Dem ticket for '08? What dirt can she get on JFK II and leak it to some friendly press all anonymous-like?

There will be a crap-bomb dropped on Bush or Kerry sometime in the next week. The real story wont be what the bomb is, but rather WHO dropped it. If it comes via a Lanny Davis/Bruce Lindsey press flak, things will get real interesting real fast.

Edited To Add -

To those who are going to email insults citing Bill Clinton's stump for Kerry, I respond with this -

He's stumping in Philly = a non-swing town in a non-swing state. A rope line at a rotary club in Des Moines would have a bigger impact on the election.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hate Mail Of The Week

"What kind of name is Occams Tweezer? I don't get it. Is that suppose to be some kind of joke.
Anyway your blog show you to be what you are, a tool for the right wingnuts that are driving this country into the ground. Your jokes aren't funny and show you how dumb you are.
Dumbasses like you make me glad I'm voting for Kerrey(sic)"

Name Deleted

Um, does he know that Bob KerrEy is not running this year or is it just wishful thinking on his part?

Bush's Speech & A Preview Of The Next Debate


Im Absolutely Shocked! Shocked, I Say!

I posted just two comments on the Kerry Campaign Blog before I was booted.
My first post called into question Kerry's true commitment to fighting non-al Qaeda terror cells. It lasted about 30 seconds before it was deleted.
The second post countered an allegation of Republican voter fraud in Michigan with examples of flagrant Democratic voter fraud in Florida, South Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, New York, et al. That post lasted less than 2 minutes.

I wasnt disrespectful nor was I insulting. But I was ejected nonetheless.

Yet this reasoned posted (by Teachers For Kerry) was allowed to stay -
"As I was watching the debate last night, I found myself, as I always do while watching Dick Cheney, waiting for the filthy, slimy alien creature to burst out of his chest"

And here I thought the official blog of the John Kerry campaign would be a haven for rational political debate and cogent discussions of topical issues.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Did He Just Say What I Think He Said?

In the middle of this otherwise inconsequential article is a stunner of a quote -

John Kerry - "Osama bin Laden should have been the complete focus of our effort in the war on terror."

That is so completely and utterly naive as to defy adequate superlatives. Does the junior Senator actually believe that Al Qaeda is the only radical Islamist faction plotting against us? Does he somehow believe that if we kill bin Laden, the rest of the terror types will just wilt away?

This catastrophically obtuse perspective represents a tremendous philosophical chasm between those dealing with real world implications of global terror and those, like Senators Kerry and Edwards, who are perpetually living in a pre-September 11th world. That perspective steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the cold hard truth that radical Islamic terror is a pervasive force that must be defeated wherever and whenever it rears its head. Global terror is not just Al Qaeda. The Global War on Terror CANNOT be just against al Qaeda.

Ya Gotta Love Dennis Miller

Dennis on Leno last night -

"That's why I like Bush. He doesn't over-think it. He wakes up every morning, jumps out of bed, lands on his two feet, scratches his balls, and says, "Let's kill some f@#@$ing terrorists!"
And the crowd applauded.

And as overly graphic as that quote is, I think it will be exactly (sans the f-bomb) what a lot of on-the-fence voters will be thinking when they walk into the booth on 11/2. No rhetoric. No vacillation. Just getting down to business and killing terrorists.

The Next RNC Commercial

Voiceover -
"As a presidential candidate, John Kerry was offered an intelligence briefing on possible Al Qaeda terror attacks inside the United States."

John Kerry -
"I havent had time"

Voiceover -
"So what was so important to John Kerry that he refused to be briefed on the latest terror threats to this country?"

Cue video of John Kerry sitting in Radio City Music Hall laughing & clapping as Whoopi Goldberg makes pornographic jokes about George Bush.

Voiceover -
"John Kerry finds time to raise money from Hollywood liberals, but he cant find the time to be briefed about the newest terror threats to the United States."

"John Kerry has his priorities. Are they yours?"

What We're Going To Hear From The Right.......

1. John Kerry doesnt have the resolve to make the tough choices in the GWOT.
Had John Kerry simply omitted those infamous two words (Global test) ffrom his response on Thursday, he largely could have insulated himself from the first charges. But, as off-message as he was, Bush jumped on it. And thats what has become the sound bite of the campaign. Kerry's problem was then compounded by Edwards' nebulous explanation last night.

2. John Kerry promised to reform our intelligence apparatus, yet when he had the opportunity in the past (as a member of the Senate Intel Comm with oversight) he missed 3/4 of the public meetings (and even more of the private meetings) and voted to slash the intel budget AFTER the first WTC attacks.
This may very well start today at Bush's amended speech today. Kerry's Senate record has been all but avoided by the Dems this year and there's a reason for that. Bush and the RNC are going to be talking about it at every single event until 11/2.

3. John Kerry missed votes on the Amber Alert, Lacies Law, middle class tax relief, etc.
While they wont necessarily start channeling Ann Richards' "Where Was George" chants of '88, you can certainly expect the Republicans to make "Where Were The Johns" a central theme from here on out. Cheney hit Edwards hard last night for missing nearly every Judiciary Comm meeting. Bush will certainly hit Kerry for his absence from the Intel Comm.

4. John Kerry wanted to raise gas taxes by 50 cents a gallon.
Gas prices might have very well been an albatross around Bush's neck. They are a very real and visible indication about how the economy is doing and they have a very real effect on the average Americans well-being. But Kerry cant take advantage of it due to his Al Gore-like support of oppresive gas tax rates.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry Needs To Re-Evaluate His "Help Is On The Way" Talk

John Kerry should probably think about protecting his flank and stop giving out the vibe that he has the troops back. He should also stop rattling off the handful of ex-military that support his candidacy.
Polls like this are a pro-Bush commercial waiting to happen. A thirty second spot with returning troops supporting Bush and his actions in Iraq as well as their condemnation of Kerry and his anti-war past would be devastating. And while Kerry can list off a half dozen lower echelon Army types, Bush can go on for days with Stormin' Norman, Tommy Franks, Colin Powell, etc. Big Names. That we've heard of.

What Everyone Is Missing

If you were a presidential candidate, which of the following lasting impressions would you least want to make during a televised debate;

1. A smirking goof

2. A position on pre-emption that would seem to give deference to foreign countries (ie Global Test)

Everyone knows Bush smirks. He's practically famous for it and it endears him to his followers.
However, most undecideds have questions about Kerry's commitment to national defense. Bush/Cheney have repeatedly planted the seed that Kerry would give a defacto veto to the UN vis a vis pre-emptive military action. His words on Thursday only served to reinforce that with those ill at ease with him.

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