Monday, September 27, 2004

New Feature! Hate Mail/Death Threat Of The Week!

Due to a recent influx of "constructively critical" emails, I thought it a complete waste to keep these all to myself. Although I dont want to summarily dismiss the many thoughtful critiques I receive, the burning seething scorn contained in a select group of hate emails deserves an honor all its own.

So I present to you the Hate Mail/Death Threat of the Week (with appropriate fisking)!

"What the f**k do you know, chickenhawk b**ch?"

(For the record, proud veteran of the USN 1990-1996)

"Don't the lifes (sic) of 1000+ soldiers mean anything to you or is it ok as long as you make money on your oil stocks?"

(Actually, real estate is my preferred investment)

"Bush and idiots like you are the real terrorists. How many innocent iraqis have to be blown to bits before your bloodlust is satisfied. How many innocent iraqis have to die to make you, Wolfowitz and all the other jew apologists happy?"

(My membership to the Elders of Zion has expired. So technically Im a lapsed jew apologist)

"If you think that invading Iraq is so important, why dont you have the balls to enlist yourself?"

(I did. See above)

"I hope you find out what its like to have your life destroyed by erant (sic) bombs and stray bullets. Burn in Hell!"

(Grandma, is that you?)

Name and email deleted to protect the innocent

There you have it. Quite a way to start out the week. The bar is set pretty high. But I have a feeling that people of his...ahem...intellectual stature are not in short supply.

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