Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is It Too Early To Focus On The Down-Ticket Races?

The headline of today's USA Today poll isnt good for Kerry (Bush up 8), but the internals are just brutal.

Right Direction -
Bush +10

Iraq -
Bush +14

Terrorism -
Bush +27

Foreign Relations -
Bush +8

The Economy -
Bush +6

Bush's approval is at a solid 54 and support for Kerry is softening.

The question remains - Is it time for the DNC to pull back from the presidential campaign and re-focus on on the Senate and Congressional races (especially out West)? If Kerry continues to tank, then Bush's coattails become a huge factor. As it is now, the Republicans look to pick up 1-2 seats. The Dems cant afford to let that bump up to 4-5.

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