Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Speaking of Bush.........

Maybe its just me, or perhaps its just that I havent heard him on the radio much, but he is 100 times the speaker on radio than his is with a camera in his face. Even the most ardent admirer has to squirm a little bit when they listen to his halting TV addresses accompanied by his omnipresent smirk, but he was absolutely locquacious on Rush today. Mellifluous and clear.
Who knows? Maybe the latest poll numbers have boosted his confidence and put the swagger back in his giddyup.

RNC Too Front Loaded?

After the rousing speeches last night to be followed by Laura and Arnold tonight, the VP and Pres speeches are looking to be almost anti-climactic. Bush and Cheney had better bring some lumber to the dais or they risk being the downers of the entire show.

Allawi Is Right

Allawi has it dead on with his veiled warning to France.

"Neutrality doesn't exist, as the kidnapping of the French journalists has shown…The French are deluding themselves if they think they can remain outside of this. Today the extremists are targeting them, too.''
The terrorists will not leave them alone simply because Franc ehas chosen to stand on the sidelines during the battle. On the contrary, their capitulation will only invite more terror and more targeting of French targets.
And while Chirac puts up a strong front, you can bet that he's exploring back channel communiques to offer an olive branch.

The Most Overlooked Sound Bite From Last Night

Guliani's condemnation of European abusers was long overdue. Germany's capitulation to the '72 Munich terrorists was particularly atrocious and one of the darkest marks in that country's long history. However, I failed to see the point in singly out Italy with his remarks. While they have certainly and needlessly negotiated with terrorist elements, Berlusconi os now one of our staunchest allies in the war on global terror. His mediation of Libya's disarmament was particularly helpful.
His blast at Arafat was not only a stinging rebuke of the hypocrites on the Nobel committee, but also a backhanded slap at Clinton.

Monday, August 30, 2004

This Is Going To Hurt

I was driving to work one day when I started to feel cramp-like pains in my abdomen. Within five minutes, the pain went from cramp-like to rusty meathook-like. I drove as fast as I could to the emergency room after which I proceeded to moan and wail like a five year old girl. I cried out until a kindly nurse pumped me up with enough demerol to placate a brontosaurus. Turns out it was gall stones.

Why do I bring this up?

Because on Wednesday, John Kerry is going to feel the exact same way. Its going to hurt.....bad. And he's going to have to tough it out and be ready with an effective response. What that response could be, I have no idea.

One Month Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the one month anniversary since Kerry has given a serious TV interview (with apologies to Jon Stewart). Until he comes forward and faces the music, the Vietnam controversy will not go away. He is prolonging the inevitable with his hermit-like media avoidance and stump speech-only appearances.
Thursday or Friday would be a great time to go on Hardball and have Chris Matthews toss some cupcakes while you act contrite and humble. Better suck it up now than let the issue fester up until the debates.
Worse still is that Kerry's press corps is growing more and more weary of his disappearing act. We learned in 2000 how important it is to be liked by the reporters following your campaign. Look for more caustic appraisals of the challenger from the ink-stained wretches on his campaign bus.

Still More Protest Warrior Content

Agree or disagree, this guy may be single-handedly responsible for the downfall of the classic leftist protests. The more vocal and the more violent these protests get, the more Bush wraps up the undecided votes.

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before, But......

Havent we tried this before **COUGH north korea COUGH **?

"Kerry first outlined the idea of providing nuclear fuel to Iran in a speech in June -- a proposal favored by many Europeans -- but Edwards, who twice described the concept as a "bargain," was more explicit in suggesting the Kerry administration would actively try to reach an agreement with the Iranians."

Appeasing dictators then crossing your fingers and hoping they follow up on their promises is ALWAYS a bad idea. Im really shocked that the Kerry-Edwards campaign would float such a transparent copy of Clinton/Carter's North Korea plan as a substitute for leadership and resolve in Iran. Id hope that Edwards backtracks on this before the debates or else Cheney will shove this down his throat

Moore To Cost Daschle in November?

Though the much-speculated Swiftie backlash has yet to rear its ugly head, The F9/11 backlash may be getting into full swing. The Dems embrace of Michael Moore (literal and otherwise) is beginning to cost them. Who thought it was a good idea to seat Moore next to Jimmy Carter at the DNC in Boston?
I guarantee you there are going to be moore stories like this and moore pictures like this. And they will have an impact. Moore's vitriole is not something that the Dems should be associating themselves with and it will cost them in November.

The Dems Have Ben Affleck, The GOP has........

Ron Silver?

Come on now. Was Gary Coleman unavailable?

Why Is Bob Taft Onstage

Do the Republicans really want Bob Taft (oh he of fiscal irresponsibility and reckless tax-and-spending) to be representing the GOP on a national stage?
I thought Bush wanted to WIN in Ohio.

My New Favorite Band

I dont think theyre going to be touring with Springsteen and the Dixie Chicks anytime soon.

The Most Under-Reported Story of The RNC

Not just one, but TWO Democrats will be addressing the RNC. Now that Ed Koch has signed up to introduce Bloomberg, the Republicans are putting across an effective message.
I cant help but think if the Kerry campaign missed a huge opportunity to steal some thunder by putting up some party-jumpers of his own. It would have demonstrated that now is not the time for partisan bickering, but rather a time for rallying around a leader with real war time credentials.
How many strikes does Kerry think he's going to get before he's called out?

Expect To Hear This 4,256,255 Times In The Next 2 Months

Now that Kerry has been wounded by unanswered questions about his Vietnam/post-Vietnam service (still no word on his Form 180), expect to have this message pounded into your brain on a regular basis from the Bush campaign.
Though I cant help but wonder if Bush's "I dont think you can win (the War on Terror)" will be thrown back into his face.
Cant win the WoT? I hope the soldiers and sailors in Iraq and Afghanistan dont hear that.


A little something to occupy yourself as you watch the great unwashed demonstrate at the RNC

The Times, They Are A'changin'?

The Kerry daughters booed on MTV? There has to be some other reasonable explanation aside from a cataclysmic paradigm shift of the young and ignorant.
John Kerry has responded with the following press release -

"Yo peeps, that was just whack! Mad props to my homies that was giving it up for my shorties and a shout out to my beeyatch J-Lo. But those playa haytahs in the hizzouse (and you know who you is), dont be hatin' on a playah!

Peace Out,

John "F to the izzo" Kerry "

Nip It In The Bud!

The sad thing about the Swifties impact on the Kerry campaign is the fact that it could have easily been turned to his advantage. But his ham-fisted performance has made that impossible. The Swift Vet problem has been brewing since early in the primaries and the Kerry campaign refused to de-fuse the inevitable bombshell. A Clinton-esque press conference in May/June, surrounded by his shipmates and other vets, would have painted his Vietnam service and even his Winter Soldier testimony in a much more favorable light. Confess to being overly ambitious and gung-ho. Show regret that your Purple Hearts, while dutifully earned, paled in comparison to those earned by those who lost life and limb in service to their country. Show humility by minimizing whatever actual heroism you demonstrated and highlighting the heroism of those with which you served. Ask forgiveness of those you erringly slandered during your Senate testimony in 1971. Say you felt it was important to do whatever necessary to end the war and rushed to believe the worst without reminding people of the best. Kerry should have told of the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned from them. Everybody loves a little humility. The Swift Vets, while not completely disarmed, certainly would have lost some wind from their sails. But that opportunity is now lost. He has repeated and compounded his error by once again slandering his fellow veterans. He has stated that his documented record in Vietnam is the "Gods honest truth" when it most certainly is not. Regardless of the merit of his medals, he most certainly was never in Cambodia, let alone having the experience "seared" in his memory. There is no going back for Kerry. He must continue to carry on with his condemnation of the SwiftVets and blame-shifting towards the Bush campaign when in reality he only has himself to blame.

The Worst Candidate In Dem History?

As the world watches the candidacy of John Kerry self-destruct like the villain's lair in a James Bond flick, we have to examine the possibility that the Dems nominated the single worst candidate in their storied history.
It boggles the mind what he (or the DNC) was thinking. No other candidate could have been so easily de-constructed. Karl Rove has to be pinching himself. He has an opponent that voted against funding our troops in a time of war (nevermind his subsequent flop and twitch act), his attendance (or lack thereof) at Senate Intelligence Comm meetings in a post-WTC1 world, his left-left-left-left of center voting record (especially on taxes) and just keeps making bad decision after bad decision.
And its not just the little things that are going to bring him down. Its flying his "stylist" cross-country on a private jet for a touch-up. Its his so-pathetic-its-almost-sad Harley ride on Leno during the Primaries. And (not to nitpick) his appearance in a wetsuit while wind-surfing. Its IMPOSSIBLE to look presidential in a wetsuit.

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